Impact Education Program

Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose is focused on educating, empowering and investing into the future of women’s equality by nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, creating financial independence and having fulfilling and meaningful life roles.

The women that we are currently focused on supporting through this education program are based in Blenheim, Marlborough here in New Zealand temporarily working under the Regional Seasonal Employment Program, from Vanuatu.

We are focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership and enabling them with hands on and practical education, supporting them to create a viable business plan, capital investment, & mentoring and incubation programs when they return to Vanuatu.

We have a strong focus on 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals including:
1. Quality Education
2. Gender Equality
3. Decent Work and Economic Growth
4. Good Health and Wellbeing
5. Partnerships to achieve these goals

Which you can check out this quick video which encapsulates whats important to us

Have a read about the Program and the opportunities that we are creating alongside these women who are working in Marlborough under the Regional Seasonal Employment Program.

If you are interested in being more involved in the Impact Education Program please connect and we can share more information on the work that we are doing.

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