Impact Projects

New Zealand women shared with Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose that an entrepreneur is a leader and a risk taker (calculated of course). Someone who is searching for the possible in the impossible, who has diversified interests and who uses innovation and creativity to enhance the world for the greater good. 

It takes a unique mindset to harness an entrepreneurial spirit but it’s not just for the select few and by giving women the tools to harness these abilities within them, supporting them to challenge their limiting beliefs and engaging them to think big and bold.

The project however goes far deeper than a series of activations and influential women talking about their stories with a vision to create a Women’s Impact Investment Fund which would offer growth capital to businesses who deliver social and or environmental impact alongside financial returns. The growth of Impact Investments globally reflects an increased desire for investors to make values based investment decisions.

In the interest of investment, Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose plans to invest up to $30,000 over the next 12 months into the UN Women New Zealand projects for economic empowerment of women in the Pacific

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