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Partnership Workshop & Coaching Program

New Dates for Partnership Program 2021

  • Wednesday  17th February
  • Wednesday 24th February
  • Wednesday 3rd March
  • Wednesday 10th March
  • Wednesday 17th March
  • Wednesday 24th March

Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose in partnership with Partner2Grow have come together to further support you in building the confidence and capabilities to create meaningful partnerships to have impact, create growth in your organisation that is underpinned by a deep sense of purpose.

Partnerships have been such an integral part of the growth and impact of Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose with the skills and resources initially learnt through the Partner2Grow program, which is why we felt it would be valuable to share these learnings with our community entwining the expert knowledge of Partner2Grow founder – Simone Novello.

Partner 2 Grow by Simone Novello

Digital Session 1: Wednesday 14th October 2020 – 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes 

Foundations & Environment
Get Partner Ready

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A

Digital Session 2: Wednesday 21st October 2020 – 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes

Identify and Amplify Assets

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A

Digital Session 3: Wednesday 28th October 2020 – 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes

Partner Prospecting

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A

Digital Session 4: Wednesday 4th November 2020 – 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes

Your offering

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A

Digital Session 5: Wednesday 11th November 2020 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes

Seal the Deal

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A

Digital Session 6: Wednesday 18th November 2020 – 11am (NZT) 9am (AUT) – 60 minutes

Manage & Leverage

  • Case studies
  • 2 break out sessions
  • Q & A


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With 83% of businesses citing strategic partnerships (which includes referrals) as their number one business growth strategy, it’s no surprise that Sustainable Development Goal 17 is Partnerships that are intended to help in the achievement of the other 16 goals.

PartnerFAST is a practical and actionable quick start online course that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners and organisation leaders how to find and build effective marketing partnerships.  It’s been reimagined with purpose based businesses and the pressing challenges and opportunities of today’s megatrends front and centre.

Learn how to get the best possible results from your current or future partnerships by applying a proven yet simple framework gaining access to expert information, tested tools and various successful case studies of Businesses who created unbelievable results after using this 6 step system.

PartnerFAST provides all the resources you need to self-manage successful partnerships such as a 6 session digital interactive course, access to the 6 module ecourse, an actionable workbook and access to our Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose Community, where we share profiles, opportunities and resources to make your journey successful and easy.

Through this program you will

computer, notebook, laptop

It will give you the fundamental partnership tools and confidence that will enable you to leverage your existing assets and connections. You will be able to achieve your objectives through the power of simple marketing partnerships. This is THE program to get you up, running and partnering – or if you’ve been frustrated by partnerships that simply aren’t delivering the returns you were expecting this is the program for you.

Who is this ideal for?

Purpose based Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Organisation Leaders (Business to Business or Business to Consumer) who wants to

  • Grow your audience through simple marketing partnerships
  • Find money and resources outside the current budget to fund business growth
  • Triple your cash flow in as little as 90 days by leveraging existing assets 
  • Grow your customer reach and base instantly
  • Build your brand
  • Catapult your sales through higher and faster conversions by reaching masses of your ideal customers when they’re ready to buy from you
  • Join a community of other proactive organisations who are ready to work with you
  • Access ongoing support and tips led by partnership marketing experts

Partnership Program and Package

$420 NZD

Join our Partnership Program

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