our purpose

“We are founded on the knowledge that all across New Zealand, successful, diverse, interesting, thought provoking, status quo challenging women, who were living and breathing many life roles on any given day, had created incredible businesses focused on so much more than just acquiring profit. We believe that through education, empowerment and investment that is three dimensional, businesses from all over New Zealand can harness growth that has positive social and environmental impact. Businesses have incredible power and by injecting that power with love, innovation and creativity we together can solve some of the worlds greatest challenges to ensure our children’s futures are just as light, fun and full of love as ours have been.”

Our focus is on supporting

Building profitable businesses underpinned by a meaningful purpose

Amplifying female entrepreneurs stories on to the global stage

Women to design businesses for the future landscape

Using innovation to cultivate change for the greater good of the world

Educating and empowering women to harness mindsets for the future

Women to create financially sound, viable and successful businesses

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