Creating A Movement: to have a positive impact for the greater good

Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose is excited to be collaborating with some dynamic, forward thinking and game changing human beings who have each activated, launched and built a meaningful movement for the greater good of the world.

In this 90 minute digital gathering you will hear from

Sebastian Terry
Founder, 100things

Mea Campbell
Founder, The Letterbox Project

Andy Hamilton
Founder, Manaaki

Lisa Booth
Founder, Kete Kai

Lisa Booth - Founder, Kete Kai

About their hero's journey starting with the why, the evolution of the trials and tribulations, the learnings and experiences, the impact and the future. Each speaker will Call for Action on the things that are important to them and the work that they do for you to be a part of the movement.

Hosted by

Catherine van der Meulen
Founder, Entrepreneurial Women With Purpose

All ticket sales will support the Impact Education Program in Marlborough New Zealand supporting women from Vanuatu with furthering their business education whilst they are working in New Zealand as seasonal workers.

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