Jacinta Gulasekharam


Jacinta Gulasekharam is 24 years old and is Co-Founder of Dignity (dignitynz.com) – a social enterprise creating access to period products for women in the workplace and through a buy one give one model providing to those in need.     
Dignity has corporate partnerships including ANZ, Xero, Chapman Tripp, Russell McVeagh, Flick Electric and Cigna. This has resulted in over 105 New Zealand schools, women’s organisations and youth organisations having access to 22,000 boxes period products to date thanks to their buy one give one model. As a result of the Dignity initiative women in the corporates feeling 85% more personally supported and 72% of the schools have reported that the students were able to stay at school during their period. Jacinta is campaign lead for Positive Periods and has teamed up with others in the period industry to start a campaign calling on the the government to commit to better menstrual education and to provide access to period products for all students.

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