Gretel Toleafoa


A mother to two wonderful young men. Gretel is the epitome of IMPACT and advocating for the “little” people in the Pasefika business Community. 
The core of her work stems from many hats she’s wearing especially her involvement in the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission. Chairing the Social Welfare and Anti Poverty Committee, understanding a beginner’s journey in the business realm is amongst her strengths. 
As we’re known as Navigators of Oceania. Our welfare as navigators is learning to master adaptation to new waters, culture and language. She’s fluent in 3 languages and championing the körero or talanoa between the corporate elites and the grassroots of Aotearoa is also amongst her essential achievements of her almost 30+ years experiences in Corporate Marketing. 
She heads Marketing of Klickex , and is also the Director of Klickex Foundation, a Fintech award winning Company in Asia Pacific. 
She lives by her personal motive,  “Being family oriented and a mother is one of the many gains anyone with a leadership role can ever learn from and incorporate to their daily roles in the workplace.”
Marketing then becomes strategically a natural way of nurturing and growing others in the light of modeling the four pillars of her Tongan culture. Respect ; respecting boundaries, Humility   ; seeking to understand, Reciprocity ; modeling integrity in building relationships, Patriotism ; consistently growing cultural safety and awareness in foundational models. 
Out of all these guiding principles ; the foundation that underpins these pillars is LOVE. 
Love enough to grow, love to nurture, to guide and to understand that to navigate in the business world. One can truly harness this skill whether you’re in a leadership role or not , it is infectious to love others and skillfully apply it and will it to your followers, employees and fellow leaders.
As the Chairwoman of Tonga Business Network, I encourage you all to join us in the Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose Conference. Come let’s strengthen and learn from each other as we share and affirm each other to grow stronger together.

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