Dorenda Britten


Dorenda is a challenger and future-thinker, helping people who want to make a difference to see the reality of, and opportunities within, the big picture.

She has a wonderfully varied and entrepreneurial background both in New Zealand and overseas. Dorenda started her career in design, moved on to cargo shipping in the Pacific, then to property development in New Zealand and raising four children, before returning to design.

Dorenda has been a Judge at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards for over 10 years, was a member of the Research & Development Working Group and has provided mentorship as part of Our Land and Water National Science Challenge and SODA Inc.

With over twenty years of experience in the design space and as founder of The Britten Institute, Dorenda’s goal is to reframe design around a set of principles that apply to any sector of human enterprise and that will secure our environmental, social and financial future.

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