Carmen Vicelich

Founder and CEO

Carmen Vicelich is our award-winning founder and Global CEO who has rapidly founded two multimillion dollar businesses, leveraging world class technology and data to solve customer problems.

Her unique ability to join the dots between disparate data-sets and leverage technology has seen her deliver incredible value and award winning innovation across a number of industries, many times over.

Carmen has worked in the banking and mortgage lending domain for almost 20 years. She is a global expert on valuation best practice and how to provide both regulatory compliance and customer centricity through the power of technology and data.

Carmen’s growing business, Valocity Global, seamlines the mortgage lending and valuation processes around the world. Valocity’s cloud-based, modular platform connects the entire mortgage lending ecosystem and has been recognised globally for fulfilling a critical need for innovation in the market

Her other business, Data Insight, combines the best of advanced analytics, data visualization and data strategy to deliver actionable insights to Australasian businesses of all sizes and industry.

Carmen and her businesses deliver game-changing value to a range of industries are taking Kiwi technology and innovation to the world.

Carmen’s passion, drive and ability to make the complex simple have earnt her numerous awards – both personally and across both her businesses.

These include:

  • A finalist in the 2016 ‘Women of Influence’ awards
  • The winner of the Auckland University Business School’s ‘Entrepreneur’s Challenge’ award in 2015
  • A finalist in the ‘EY Entrepreneur of the Year’ awards
  • CIO Winner of Digital transformation
  • NZDM Nexus Supreme Winner Award
  • Global top 10 Fintech finalists in Singapore (the largest Fintech festival in the world)
  • Innovation award for Property Institute NZ

As we all know, the world is calling for change and a critical need for innovation and re thinking the way things have always been done.

Carmen Vicelich from Valocity Group has been leveraging technology and data to solve customer problems for the last 10 years, using innovation to streamline the mortgage lending and valuation process.

Carmen is a master at making complex problems simple… which we know that we all need more of in our lives both personally and professionally.

A finalist in the EY New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year Awards we are excited to have Carmen join us as one of our Hero’s.

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