Our Purpose

Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose is focused on educating, empowering and enabling women to be the change they want to see in the world. We are committed to supporting women in business, emerging leaders and the next generation to lead with heart, soul and meaning. 

Over the last few years, it has becoming increasingly important to us, to lead our businesses with our planet and all of it’s ecosystems at the core of our decisions.

Questions you may be asking yourself

Do you feel like you could be doing more with your business to have a positive impact but unsure where to start?

Are you interested to learn what connects business and purpose and how to use it create growth?

Are you worried about what the world will look like when our children are older?

Are you concerned about your financial security and safety?

Are you always wanting to be able to do more with the knowledge that you have?

An entrepreneur is

For Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose an entrepreneur or entrepreneurship is more about a mindset than a fancy title for our LinkedIn profiles. A mindset of someone who always looks outside the square to find opportunities, that always digs deeper and asks more challenging questions to uncover the truth, that sees value in things that have been deemed invaluable, that sees that the impossible could actually be possible, and is creative in their thinking to come up with solutions for day to day challenges and for the greater good of the world.

Purpose is

Purpose is about our why, our reason for being as individuals and as businesses. What is the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. And as Simon Sinek says profit is not a why, profit is just an outcome of that why for doing what you love and what you are passionate about.​

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Some of the women who are in our Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose community

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Queen's Counsel and former Judge of the High Court of New Zealand

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Key Takeaways

Inspiring stories and calls for action to embed into your life as a woman, a business woman, an entrepreneur, a thought leader, a change maker, a visionary and an activist.

Discovery of your personal purpose and how to embed this into your organisation to create sustainable growth across New Zealand and the world.

Deep human connections to create meaningful partnerships and collaborations for the future success of your organisation.



New Zealand women shared with Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose that an entrepreneur is a leader and a risk taker (calculated of course). Someone who is searching for the possible in the impossible, who has diversified interests and who uses innovation and creativity to enhance the world for the greater good.

It takes a unique mindset to harness an entrepreneurial spirit but it’s not just for the select few and by giving women the tools to harness these abilities within them, supporting them to challenge their limiting beliefs and engaging them to think big and bold.

The project however goes far deeper than a series of activations and influential women talking about their stories with a vision to create a movement empowered by a community to deliver social and or environmental impact alongside financial returns.

As part of the Entrepreneurial Women with Purpose Impact we have developed the Impact Education Program which supports women from the Pacific Islands working here in New Zealand under the RSE scheme and enable them with entrepreneurial, leadership and innovation education, mentoring to develop a viable business plan and funding to enable it.

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